MCA Donors from July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

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Without our generous donors, MCA would be unable to continue the important work of bringing together the arts community in Maryland, and educating the public about the importance of advocating for the arts in our state. If you would like to contribute to our educational and information programs, please visit our donation page online or send your donation directly to our office
We at MCA make every effort for accuracy in our annual fund list. However, if you should find an error in this listing please contact Cristyn Johnson at or 410-467-6700. Thank you for your support!


The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund,
          creator of the Baker Artist Awards
Maryland State Arts Council
Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. 
The Abell Foundation
The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Lynn and Tony Deering
Robert W. Deutsch Foundation
Henry & Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.
Venable LLP Foundation

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds
George A. Roche
Dorothy Wagner Wallis Charitable Trust

Ellen and Edward Bernard
Stephen Boesel
Doreen Bolger
Cable Telecommunications Association of Maryland, Delaware, and DC
Suzanne F. Cohen
Richard and Rosalee Davison Foundation
Nancy Dorman and Stanley Mazaroff 
Matthew D. Gallagher and Helene T. Grady
Ms. Andrea Laporte     
Jeffrey and Harriet Legum
The Martin and Julie Madden Family Charitable Gift Fund
The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.
Stephen Richard              
M. Sigmund and Barbara Shapiro
Sander L. Wise

Carole Alexander
George Bunting
Community Arts Agencies of Maryland, CAAM
Ardath M. Cade
Sue Hess
E. Scott Johnson
Honorable Laurence Levitan
Julia Marciari-Alexander
Mary Ann E. Mears
Paul Meecham
James and Mary Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pakula
Cindy and Eliot Pfanstiehl
Judy and Scott Phares
Ryan Rilette
Earle & Annette Shawe Family Foundation
Sami & Annie Totah Family Foundation
Stuart Serkin and Jeffrey Trammell

Joe Dickey and Martha Blaxall
Marva Jo Camp, Esq.
Caplan Family Foundation
Bob Carpenter
Stephanie Carter
Mychelle Y. Farmer and James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr.
Jose Dominguez
Meg and Harry Ferguson
Sandra Levi Gerstung
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Hamilton, Jr.
Sheldon and Audrey Katz           
The Susan B. Katzenberg Fund
Mary Ann E. Mears
Marilyn Meyerhoff
Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff
Richard A. Montgomery, III
J. William Murray
April Nyman
Eric M. Pripstein
Lynn and Phil Rauch
Karen Reckner
Bruce E. Rosenblum
Gil Sandler
Gail and Stephen D. Shawe
James T. Smith Jr
Adena W. Testa
Dr. and Mrs. Stephan Tymkiw
David J. Wildberger, Esq.
Steven Ziger and Jamie Snead

Michael and Joanna Abercrombie
Alexander C. Baer
Robert Bloch and Sari Kurland Bloch
Mrs. Aurelia G. Bolton
Krista Bradley
James T. and Francine G. Brady
Theresa and Kelly Cameron
Cantler Fulwiler Family Fund
Diane Cho
Joan Develin Coley
Theresa V. Colvin
Russell C. Dashiell, Jr.
Elke and William Durden
Scott Eichinger
Christine M Espenshade
Beth and Michael Falcone
Elaine Freeman
Judith M. Gibbs
Dr. Catherine Gira
Amy Gould
Busy Graham
Heather E. Green
Nanette and Irvin Greif, Jr.
Bonnie Hammerschlag
Reva Harris
Rebecca Hoffberger
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Marnie Kagan
Ann H. Kahan
Francie and John Keenan
Townsend and Bob Kent
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Langmead
In Honor of Sally Livingston
Jonna and Fred Lazarus 
Lasse Lindahl
June Linowitz
Marcia M. Magette
Mary C. Mangione
Terry Morgenthaler
Jo-Ann Mayer Orlinsky
Linda Hambleton Panitz
William L. Paternotte
In Memory of Margery Peyser
George Reynolds
John R. Rockwell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Salomon, III
Jean F. Silber
Solomon and Elaine Snyder
Michael B. Styer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank K. Turner, Jr.
Mrs. Ann C. Turpin
Wieler Family Foundation

Up to $99
Craig F. Ballew
Michael Bobbitt
Winnie and Neal Borden
Melodie Charles
George Ciscle
Joanne Collins
Linda Bills and Stephen Dallmus
Abel Mac Diakparomre
Carole and Morton Ellin
Greg Evans
Joseph Fainberg
Susan Sachs Fleishman
Ms. Bonnie Fogel
Jenny Freestone
Ann D. Frushour
Jane and Michael Glick
Anna E. Greenberg
Kathleen Hayne
Sandra D. Hess
Hammet W. Hough
MaryEllen Jackle
Michelle Johnson
Kay Jones
Dr. Murray M. Kappelman
Joan Klein
Claire Larkin
Wallace W. Lee
Bill Mandicott
Pam the Kindersinger
Shelley Morhaim
Alyce Myatt
Dominie Nash
Grace Ngozi Ogwu
Cheryl Pasteur
Lynn Perlik
Katharine C Pingle
Ms. Carol Purcell
Mr. Samuel G Reel, Jr.
Melissa Woodring Rosenberg
Joanne Rosenthal
Leslie Shepard
Phyllis Spence
Sherri Thoma Troutman
David Uhlfelder
Marie U'Ren
Joann Vaughan
Ron and Sydney Wilner
Beverly Winter