The best advocate for the arts is YOU.

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All members of the arts community (including staff, volunteers, artists, and audiences) have the expertise needed to make the case for public arts funding. Your first-hand knowledge of the arts and their impact in your community is one of the most important components of any advocacy campaign seeking the support of legislators. 

Remember that politics is about consensus. Issues with a strong grassroots constituency have a powerful advantage. Make it easier for legislators to support arts programs by making them aware of the strong support the arts has within the community.

All politics is local. Local, constituent voices carry the most weight with politicians (they are elected to represent those constituents, after all). Therefore, you should focus on your own elected officials or those who represent the district which includes your arts organization. Take advantage of your local legislator's accessibility by visiting their district offices.

Politics thrives on personal relationships. Think of arts advocacy as a year-round commitment and work with your legislators as you would other community partners. Let your elected officials know you are able to act as a resource for them if they have questions about the arts community. The tangible results are worth your efforts!

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