Maryland Arts Summit

Donor List

MCA Donors from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Without our generous donors, MCA would be unable to continue the important work of bringing together the arts community in Maryland, and educating the public about the importance of advocating for the arts in our state. If you would like to contribute to our educational and information programs, please visit our donation page online or send your donation directly to our office.

We at MCA make every effort for accuracy in our annual fund list. However, if you should find an error in this listing please contact us at or 410-467-6700. Thank you for your support!


The William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund

Maryland State Arts Council



T. Rowe Price Foundation, Inc.

The Charlesmead Foundation

Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.



Henry & Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation

Lynn and Tony Deering

The Abell Foundation

Robert W. Deutsch Foundation



Ausherman Family Foundation


The Melvin & Ryna Cohen Family Foundation

Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds

George A. Roche

Suzanne F. Cohen

Macht Family Philanthropic Fund



Doreen Bolger

The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.

Harriet and Jeffrey Legum

Carole Alexander


Rosalee and Dick Davison

Nancy Dorman and Stanley Mazaroff

Andrea B. Laporte

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Pakula

Cable Telecommunications Association



Mary Ann E. Mears

Ardath Cade

Matthew D. Gallagher and Helene T. Grady

Scott Johnson

Kenneth Lundeen

Julia Marciari-Alexander

Eliot and Cynthia Pfanstiehl

Judy and Scott Phares

George Bunting

Community Arts Agencies of Maryland, CAAM

James and Janet Clauson

Meg and Harry Ferguson

Sue Hess

George Johnston

Peter Kjome

Mary Jane and Charles Morse

The Martin and Julia Madden Family Charitable Gift Fund

Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff

The James and Mary Miller Charitable Gift Fund

Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council

Michael Ross

Clair Zamoiski Segal

Earle & Annette Shawe Family Foundation

Carol Trawick



The Susan B. Katzenberg Fund

Lynn and Phil Rauch


Sandra Levi Gerstung

Richard A. Montgomery, III

David and Christine Wallace

Steven Ziger and Jamie Snead

Christopher and Jennifer Bedford

Robert Carpenter

Marva Jo Camp, Esq.

Caplan Family Foundation

Stephanie Carter

Susan Freeman McGee

Amy Gould and Matthew Polk

Douglas W. Hamilton

Katherine M. Hardiman

Catherine McCoy

Marilyn Meyerhoff

J. William Murray

Eric M. Pripstein

Gail and Stephen D. Shawe

Jim and Sandy Smith



Bonnie Hammerschlag

Joan Develin Coley

Jed Dietz and Julia McMillan

Terry Morgenthaler

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger

Judith M. Gibbs

Heather E. Green

Catherine McCoy

William L. Paternotte

George Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Sheller

April Nyman

Martha Blaxall

Winnie and Neal Borden

Tara L. B. Clifford

James H. DeGraffenreidt and Mychelle Farmer

Jane and Larry Droppa

Beth and Michael Falcone

Elaine Freeman

Adam and Fredye Gross

Joan Lyon

Roberta Pardo

Charlie and Leslie Schwabe

Michael B. Styer

Mary Agner and Criss Nichols

Alexander C. Baer

Richard and Elaine Kotell Binder

Mrs. Aurelia G. Bolton

James T. and Francine G. Brady

Diane Cho

Fleming Family Charitable Fund

Cantler Fulwiler Family Fund

Dr. Catherine Gira

Mrs. Nancy Hall

Francie and John Keenan


Benjamin Simons

Kenneth Skrzesz

Donald and Mariana Thoms


Up to $99

Jane and Michael Glick

Marie U’Ren

Ron and Sydney Wilner

Senator Laurence Levitan

Craig F Ballew

Michael Bobbitt

Jane Brown

Joanne Collins

Susan Sachs Fleishman

Laura Forman

MaryEllen Jackle

Robert Jackle

Dieneke Johnson

Joshua Perry

Sharon Sorrentino

Nancy and Jack Warren

Anne C.A. Wilson

Paul Wissman

Carol M. Purcell

Mr. Samuel G Reel, Jr.

Pat Schaffer

Martha Valentine Tutrani


Anna E. Greenberg

Peniel & Julia Moed

Ann D. Frushour

Mrs. Pamela Minor

Elladean Brigham

George Ciscle

Linda Bills and Stephen Dallmus

Ann Johnson

Shelley Morhaim

Nicoleen Willson

Paul Wissman

Ms. Bonnie Fogel

Minnedore Green

Sally B. Hedstom

Robert Bloch & Sari Kurland Bloch

David Uhlfelder

Roxy Lipsitz

Daniel Singh

Maria Barbosa

Tracy Lambros

Stephanie Ray