ArtsLAB is a traveling professional development symposium, presented by MCA each year, in different parts of the state. ArtsLAB is a place where artists, arts professionals, advocates and more, come together to discuss current issues and concerns facing the arts sector. This year, this event will once again be virtual due to the on going Covid-19 pandemic. There will be an interactive artist performance, as well as honest conversations about the arts sector.




Why Should I Attend ArtsLAB?

MCA utilizes ArtsLAB as an inclusive space for open dialogue around topics that influence and enhance the Maryland arts sector. There are elements for arts administrators, artists, board members, volunteers, funders, and advocates.

Topic: Community Planning

Workshop Lead: Deborah Patterson

Date: Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Thank you for participating in ArtsLAB 2022!

As a thank you, we would like to provide all our attendees with an ArtsLAB Grab Bag. This will have information and resources related to that day’s discussion along with a video from the morning.

We hope you enjoy the resources we have provided.



Deborah Patterson, Workshop Lead

In 2008, Deborah Patterson, visual artist and director of Baltimore nonprofit ARTblocks, was trained in the placemaking process by Project for Public Spaces in New York City. The concept of “placemaking” has since evolved into “creative placemaking” and “placekeeping”, among other iterations, although her philosophy and use of the process has remained consistent from the start: to use it as a grassroots community envisioning tool that engenders public spaces that are truly of, by and for the community itself.

In this workshop, Deborah will guide us through the process and discuss how she has remained true to her own vision of helping communities create public spaces that are a unique reflection of their own ideas, culture(s) and art making. You can visit her website HERE.

A portion of this year’s ArtsLAB will be an interactive, collaborative workshop. This year we are asking those who attend to bring their own maps, space plans, photos, and ideas to experiment on with your breakout rooms. Attendees are highly encouraged to attend this workshop with members of their community that will be involved in the development of these projects. No matter what stage of development your project might be in—from concept and initial inception to later stage planning—we invite you and your community to this workshop.