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2018 Maryland Arts Budget

Friday, March 31, 2017
As of March 31, 2017: As this year’s Maryland General Assembly closes, we want to share an important update with all of you about the FY 2018 State Arts Budget. As it currently stands, the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) is set to receive a $20.4 million appropriation, which helps us reach a new record level of funding for arts in the state.
Regrettably, during the final Conference Committee, $600,000 of the $2 million appropriation from the Special Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Arts that was slated to go to MSAC, was moved towards other legislative funding priorities. While this budget redirection is unfortunate, we should focus on the progress that has been made for state funding over the last several year.

Over the last five years, MCA has helped secure a 48% increase in state arts funding in Maryland. This money has gone directly to MSAC, which has been able to better support arts programs across the state as a result. Additionally, under the leadership of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, the General Assembly approved a law which will dramatically increase state funding for the arts over the next five fiscal years. This new law (now Chapter 145), will allow state arts funding to grow not only by the mandate set in place in 1994, but also by an additional $1 million each year for the next five fiscal years.