2021 Virtual Maryland Arts Summit

Thursday, May 13, 2021
The Maryland Arts Summit, now in its third year, is presented by and for the Maryland arts sector and curated by the Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland Citizens for the Arts, the Fine Arts Office of the Maryland State Department of Education, and Arts Education in Maryland Schools. The 2021 Maryland Arts Summit: Art of the Community will hold six live streamed sessions on June 3 – 4, 2021 focused on current topics in the Maryland creative sector, interspersed with creative bursts of art-making and performances. All together, the Summit will elevate voices within Maryland’s arts communities.
“The theme of the 2021 Summit, ART OF THE COMMUNITY, speaks to the 21st Century practice of inviting diverse voices to be the inspiration for artistic products and programming,” said MSAC Executive Director Ken Skrzesz. “Historically, art has been centered around aesthetic choices that were delivered to audiences and participants. During this year’s Summit, we will explore what it means to see art as a response to the desires, challenges, and strengths of communities.”
Day one of the Summit on Thursday, June 3rd will open with a performance and artist statement by Louis Campbell, centered on uplifting indigenous voices through art. Main sessions that follow over the two-day Summit include:
  • Exploring the Contributions of Trauma-Informed Dance Therapy and Freedom of Assembly and Association of Survivors of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence, a panel presented by Tyde-Courtney Edwards of Ballet After Dark and Mora Fernández and Shanti Flagg of FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture
  • Racial Justice: Moving from solidarity to accountability, a guiding discussion facilitated by by Pam Breaux, President and CEO of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies;
  • Elevating Community Exchange: A look into the creative process of “Take My Hand”, the internationally recognized Harriet Tubman mural in Cambridge, Maryland, a guiding discussion facilitated by Dorchester County Arts Council’s Director Barb Seese, Alpha Genesis, and artist, Michael Rosato;
  • Crafting Policy Recommendations for a More Creative and Equitable Community- Lessons from the Baltimore Arts & Culture Transition Committee – a panel discussion led by members of the City of Baltimore’s Arts and Culture Transition Committee; and
  • Access as Intimacy and Love – a guiding discussion facilitated by Robin Marquis & Denise Shanté Brown.
The Summit will also include Creative Keynote opportunities for engagement, inviting participants to make and share art in real time, as well as contribute to affinity group discussions centered on their specific role within the arts sector.
Following the two-day Summit, pre-recorded sessions will be available for participants’ to take a deeper dive into the Summit content on their own time, and, ultimately, engage more deeply with their communities through the creative process.
The Maryland Arts Summit is free and requires registration.
To register and for more information, please click the link below!