FY 2020 Arts Budget News

Friday, January 25, 2019

As of January 25, 2019: On Friday, January 19, 2019, Governor Hogan released his fiscal year 2020 budget to the Maryland General Assembly (MGA). Within his proposal, he recommended to fully fund the mandated appropriation for the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) which amounts to $24.4 million. This increase of almost $2 million represents an incredible and, once again, record investment for the Maryland arts sector!

Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA) applauds this budget recommendation and fully endorses this amount. Furthermore, we are extremely grateful for the support that Governor Hogan and his administration have shown with this proposal. Over the past several years, MCA has worked with the Governor’s administration and the MGA in order to ensure that MSAC receives an appropriation that mirrors the incredible success and growth of the arts sector in our state. Thanks to your help and advocacy efforts, we have successfully grown the MSAC appropriation by over 60% in the past six years.

Now that the Governor has proposed his budget, there is plenty of work to be done during the 2019 Session. We must make sure that this proposal is voted on and approved, in full, by the MGA. To that end, we need YOUR voices to be heard and require your help as we continue our efforts in championing this funding and the work that MSAC does!

Please take the time, if you have not done so already, and register for our flagship arts advocacy event, Maryland Arts Day 2019, held in Annapolis on February 14th, 2019. Each year, hundreds of Arts Advocates descend on Annapolis for this annual gathering. Our voices are heard, and lawmakers understand and appreciate the importance of public investment in the arts.