Maryland Arts Racial Equity Program

Friday, June 26, 2020

Registration will go live in July!


As institutions move toward Racial Equity, it is necessary to examine and reconcile the past, understand the present, and create change for the future. This program will include educational and developmental work by way of workshops and reflection sessions, and a complementary book club.

As you move through the program, reflect on your own implicit bias and racial identities and how they affect the art sector and our constituent communities in our every day work; create a safe and brave space to have courageous conversations about race and other social identities as well as allow for open discourse; and remember that while social justice is important, we must tackle racial equity and injustices in order to fully tackle social injustices.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Increase the Maryland Arts sectors’ awareness on systems of racism and
    oppression and how it operates in modern society.
  2. Learn and instigate change in participants’ own spheres of influence, and
    find new points of entry for change.
  3. Develop accountability and support among a practice group and develop
    tools to work towards racial equity.

Education Session

Dates to be announced in July.

Reflection Workshops

Dates to be announced in July.

Bookclub Materials

To be announced in July.