Office Hours & Headshots!

For those who are planning to attend the Maryland Arts Summit in person, we have several personal coaching and professional development offerings for you! Below is a list of organizations and professionals in the Maryland arts community hosting office hours and providing extra resources at no additional cost to you!

To sign up and register for their Maryland Arts Summit offerings, please expand the accordion selections below!

Please note, each of these experts is responsible for tracking their bookings. Read each section carefully for instructions for how to sign up for free headshots and office hours below!

Free Headshots with Dr. Ceylon Mitchell

Headshots-SOLD OUT! But there is a waitlist! 

Photographer: Dr. Ceylon Mitchell

Location: Friday ONLY; First Floor Hallway opposite of registration

Conference Availability: Friday, 6/21: 10am – 12pm

Summit attendees can get FREE headshots! This is the perfect opportunity to update your professional profile or social media presence. Headshots will be provided by M3 | Mitchell Media & Marketing.

Please fill out the Calendly link as soon as possible, first come, first served:  Be sure to read the photoshoot checklist and select your preferred color(s). 

Read below for more helpful DO’s and DON’T’s to prepare for your photoshoot!

Night before:

  • Facial Expression: Practice poses and smiles a few times in the mirror.
  • Hydration: Say no to excess sodium and drink lots of water.
  • Hair Styling/Shaving: Take caution so you don’t end up with any accidental cuts.
  • Clothing/Ensemble: Lay out every detail the night before. Don’t make any radical changes to your appearance.
  • Clothes: Iron out any wrinkles you may have. Plan ahead with dry cleaning. Use a lint roller if necessary.
  • Sleep: Get plenty of beauty rest!

Day of:

  • Makeup: Don’t feel obligated to wear makeup. But if you do, keep it natural. You want to look like YOU.
  • Touch-Up Bag: Do bring anything you can apply quickly such as oil-absorbing facial sheets, floss, comb/brush, bobby pins, mascara, chapstick, eyeliner, makeup remover, etc.
  • Final Check: Make sure to do a pre-face checkup before you take your picture. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer (me) if you look okay or if there is anything on you.
  • Have Fun: Be You!


  • Sleep: Don’t stay up late before picture day. More beauty sleep = better picture.
  • Make-Up: Don’t try out a brand new makeup look. You don’t want any unfortunate mishaps. Too much makeup with the flash will alter the color of your skin.
  • Oils: Don’t wear any moisturizers, sunscreens, or makeup with SPF, shine, or shimmers. SPF can cause you to look washed out. Any excessive shimmer will make your face look oily.
  • Glasses: Don’t wear reflective glasses. Check your perspective for anti-reflective coating. NO TRANSITION GLASSES PLEASE
  • Attire: Femme folx, make sure you don’t wear a strapless shirt. You don’t want anyone thinking you don’t have anything on. Masc folx, make sure not to wear any tank tops, undershirts, or t-shirts (no brand logos).
  • Jewelry: Don’t go overboard.
  • Confidence: Now’s not the time to be too humble: When it comes to your headshot/portraits, it’s OK to brag a little or a lot!

Dani Faulkner- Grant Writing Coaching

Grant Writing Office Hours

Presenter: Danielle Faulkner, Development Director at Arts for Learning

Room: 105

Conference Availability: Thursday, 6/20: 11am – 4pm; 30 minute time slots available

Are you looking to enhance your organization’s fundraising efforts while staying true to your community’s needs and values? Drop in for an engaging open hours session where you’ll have the chance to meet with a grant professional specializing in community-centric fundraising.

This session is designed to provide personalized support and guidance to arts organizations seeking to strengthen their grant fundraising strategies. Whether you’re seeking guidance on grant writing, donor cultivation, event planning, or any other aspect of fundraising, our expert will be available to address your questions and provide practical solutions.

To book a 30 minute time slot at the Summit with Dani, please visit:

Professional Coaching with Sofia Hailu

Mini-Coaching Office Hours: SOLD OUT

Presenter: Sofia Hailu

Room: 124

To book a mini-coaching session during the Summit use the link:

Conference Availability: Thursday, 6/20: 1pm – 4pm

Friday, 6/21: 10:15am – 12:15pm

If the sessions are booked up, attendees can schedule a phone call with Sofia during her personal office hours:


*Sofia will be presenting Thursday, June 20 from 10:45-11:45am. Don’t forget to check out her session!

Office Hours with AEMS

Office Hour with AEMS

Presenter: Rachel McGrain

Room: 216

Join AEMS Executive Director Rachel McGrain to share your arts education successes, strategize around arts education issues in your community, and debrief from AEMS-hosted sessions throughout the summit.

Sign up page will be posted outside of room 216!

*AEMS has a full schedule at the Summit! Make sure you check out their other sessions!

MdVLA Legal Clinic

MDVLA Legal Clinic:

Presenter: Christia Ravenell

Room: 123 

Conference Availability: Thursday, June 20 1:45 – 4:45pm

To book a session:

Should you trademark your logo? Form an LLC? Draft an agreement related to that project you have coming up?

Get answers to these questions and more by making a Legal Office Hours appointment with Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (MdVLA).

You can sign up for a 15-minute consultation with MdVLA Staff Attorney Christia Ravenell, Esq. to sort out any short-form questions you might have.

MdVLA can address questions related to business entities, contracts, intellectual property, or other issues related to your creative work. We cannot help with matters related to taxes, family law, criminal law, or any other matter that does not relate to your creative work. 

*Christia will be presenting Thursday, June 20 from 10:45-11:45am. Don’t forget to check out their session!

Office Hours with MSAC

Office hours with the Maryland State Arts Council

Presenters: MSAC Staff

Room: ADS 105

Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) team members are holding office hours at the Maryland Arts Summit to answer questions about grants and other resources for artists, arts and culture administrators, and anyone whose work involves the arts sector! 

Team members will be available for individual meetings and welcome any question, general or specific, including technical inquiries about MSAC’s online grants platform, SmartSimple

To request a 15-minute appointment, email Walkins are also welcome and may take the first available slot.

Conference Availability: Thursday, June 20:

  • Breakout Session 1 10:45-11:45am 
  • Breakout Session 2 1:45-2:45pm 
  • Breakout Session 3 3:00-4:00pm 

Friday, June 21

  • Breakout Session 5 10:15-11:15am