Summit Schedule – Day 2

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8:00-8:45AM Breakfast

Location: University Center

9:00-10:30AM Breakout Session IV

Exploring Aesthetics when Arts & Community Intersect

Presenters: Cristyn Johnson and Jess Solomon

Time: 90 minutes

How do you assess Arts for Change? Arts for Change—creative work at the intersection of
community/civic engagement, community development, and justice—often challenges the conventional terms by which the arts are described and assessed. Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, worked with artists and their allies to develop a framework designed to enhance understanding and evaluation of Arts for Change.This session introduces the Aesthetics Perspectives framework and offers an opportunity for exchange around the often elusive and challenging topic of artistic excellence. Participants will learn how artists and funders have already put Aesthetic Perspectives to use and imagine how it might help meet agency interests and the artist and communities they serve.

The Art of Organizing Art Walks & Recurring Monthly Events

Speakers: Amanda Smit-Peters & Ivy Wells

Time: 90 minutes

Art Walks (and recurring monthly events) can provide a unique opportunity for both artists and businesses in your community. In this session we’ll discuss the impact a recurring event can have on your district’s marketing & tourism, local leadership and economic growth.

We will review how to create and manage a recurring event that:

  • sparks passion and minimizes burnout (especially among artists/venues)
  • attracts new and returning visitors to your district
  • capitalizes on your communities strengths

This session is for both those wanting to start a recurring event in their community and for those who want to grow their event to the next level.
We’ll discuss:

  • Gathering stakeholders and determining if this is the right opportunity for your community.
  • Setting goals and creating event guidelines that work for venues and artists.
  • Marketing your event throughout the season to keep it consistent AND fresh.
  • Generating critical mass at your recurring events.
  • Evaluating the success of your event.

The Importance of Self-Care

Presenters: Nicoletta Darita de la Brown

Time: 90 minutes

During this interactive session attendees will be introduced to the concept of creating a personal wholeness kit for daily use and how to design their own wellness rituals. Healing Artist, Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown, will share her method behind the creation, and evolution, of her own kit. Concepts around multi-sensory wellness will be discussed through the use of color, texture, light, sound, aroma, and space. Exploring these modalities will reinforce the concept of participants creating their own personalized environments, centered around wellbeing, as they continue to implement their individual self-care practices.

Website 101: For A&E Districts and Similar organizations

Presenters: Jennifer Merritt

Time: 60 minutes

This session will cover building an arts organization website from scratch with little to no experience. Arts organizations require an online presence, and the ability to quickly update content to keep it relevant. Often there are no resources to hire professional assistance, or the existing website does not allow for maintenance by staff and volunteers. Website builders such as Wix offer templates that allow clean, modern looking sites and ease of updates. This session will provide step by step information on how to create and maintain your organization’s website to engage your community and the public.

Arts as Healing for Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel

Presenters: JW Rone, Director, Vet Arts Connect, Judy Rollins, Dr Fred Foote, Capt Moira MCGuire, Ron Heneghan, CSC

Time: 90 minutes

Vet Arts Connect, an Initiative of the Institute for Integrative Health, proposes a panel discussion about the importance of active engagement in the arts as a healing activity for Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel. Proposal Detail: Vet Arts Connect has been working to develop a network of arts and nature experiences across the state of Maryland for approximately two years. In the light of this work we suggest a panel discussion that educates participants broadly on the: history of arts in health in the military; therapeutic effects of arts engagement; Community arts engagement program design; and a general discussion of work being realized across the state.

Using Art to Teach Reading & Writing

Presenters: Jennifer Klein & Elizabeth Stuart Whitehead

Time: 90 minutes

In this session, the authors will provide an overview of the comprehension strategies and writing traits featured in their two books, “Using Art to Teach Reading Comprehension Strategies (2013)”, and “Using Art to Teach Writing Traits (2018)” and then dive into a hands-on lesson from their latest book to show participants how art can be used to teach the Ideas Trait. This session is relevant because it demonstrates how important the arts are in education, and shows how the arts can be integrated into the curriculum to make powerful curriculum changes which impact student learning and performance.

Global Experiences and Arts Education

Presenter: Dr. Linda Krakaur (Facilitator), Julia Smith, Austin Murphy, and Erica Vagnoni

Time: 60 minutes

Global dispositions and cultural competencies are hot topics within contemporary artistic and educational landscapes. Authentic opportunities to develop global dispositions and cultural competencies may seem out of reach for many; yet, such experiences are necessary as they deeply impact how artists, educators, and teaching artists develop their identities as cultural workers, educational providers and global citizens. Engage in discussion with four artists/teachers (music, art, dance, drama) and discover how intensive learning in a global community both provoked and supported shifts in artistic vision, professional values, and personal aspirations. Get tips on how you may join this growing community next year.

Network Based Approaches to Supporting Folklife

Presenters: Chad Buterbaugh, Jackson Medel, Melanie Pinkert, Rich Smoker, Kristin Sullivan, and Kara Rogers Thomas

Time: 90 minutes

This session will introduce or reacquaint participants with folklorists, anthropologists, artists, culture bearers, and others doing work as part of the Maryland Folklife Network, a new initiative of the Maryland State Arts Council. Learn about and discuss what folklife can mean; about folklife documentation, presentation, and support going on throughout the state, and take part in discussion about the present state and future of public folklife in Maryland. Artists and other culture bearers working with the Maryland Folklife Network will be part of the panel and provide demonstrations.

Creative Process and Community Engagement

Presenter: Ken Skrzesz

Time: 60 minutes

What is the Creative Process and how does it relate to public interaction? How is the Creative Process used in the operation of an arts organization and how is its use communicated to the general public? How and when is the community engaged in programmatic input so that we are programming OF rather than FOR constituents? Spend an hour chatting with Maryland State Arts Council Executive Director, Ken Skrzesz, about these questions and anything else that might pop up!

Art Accordingly Podcast

Presenter: Quanice Floyd and J Jenkins

Time: 90minutes

The Arts Administrators of Color Network is proud to present Art Accordingly, a podcast that highlights arts leaders of color, while interrogating systemic and institutional issues of equity in the arts from a decolonizing framework. The Live with Art Accordingly Podcast will feature
dynamic arts leaders of color to discuss current events in the arts, their current work, answer audience questions, and create calls to action for audience members and listeners. This session would be recorded live to be later edited and posted on the Art Accordingly podcast.

10:45-12:15PM Breakout Session V

A Public Art Conversation: Challenges and Opportunity

Presenter: Ryan Patterson, Christine Djuric, Diane Fullick, Sam Christian Holmes, Cindy Kelly

Time: 90 minutes

Through anecdotes and conversation, this panel will reflect on overcoming the challenges and celebrate the shared public benfit of conserving and promoting public art. Using Baltimore’s public art collection as a shared reference point we will share best practices and case studies of collaborative programming to inspire local public art programs and A&E Districts to consider conservation as an opportunity to celebrate local art and artists.

An Introduction to Kuchipudi

Presenters: Anuradha Nehru & Chitra Kalyandurg

Time: 60 minutes

This one-hour presentation introduces participants to Kalanidhi Dance, a Maryland-based non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching and performance of Kuchipudi – one of India’s eight classical dance forms. Led by Kalanidhi artists Anuradha Nehru and Chitra Kalyandurg, the session introduces attendees to the company’s activities, its impact and current challenges, and places its work within the broader context of the current state of Indian classical dance in the U.S. The session will be interspersed by short performances that help contextualize content and give those uninitiated to Kuchipudi a taste of this beautiful dance form.

Cover Your Assets

Presenter: Carol Foster, Karen Reckner, Scott Little

Time: 90 minutes

Performing arts organizations are especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies, which can damage an organization’s business operations and artistic legacy. Emergency readiness is the key to resiliency and recovery: the better prepared an organization is, the more quickly and effectively it can respond to emergencies and crises, re-open for performances and programs, and return to normal. Open dialogue along with Q&A will be welcomed.

“Recovering Eurydice”

Presenter: Ellen Cherry

Time: 60 minutes

Emmy nominated, Baltimore based, Song & Story Alchemist, ellen cherry, will present a portion of “Recovering Eurydice,” her new one-woman, multi-media storytelling performance inspired by her recovery from a violent car wreck. This is a work in progress and part of her presentation will illustrate her creative process.

Urban Arts Leadership 

Presenters: Urban Arts Leadership Cohort 2019

Time: 60 minutes

The Urban Arts Leadership (UAL) is an example of change in action. A program of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, UAL is a fellowship program designed to increase diversity in the management of cultural and artistic organizations by building a pipeline for high achieving emerging leaders, focusing on those of color. UAL offers professional development and network building opportunities to develop and empower tomorrow’s leaders. UAL Fellows engage in a rigorous training program and are matched with host organizations where they contribute to the organization’s culture, and additionally, manage projects that are core to the thrust of the organization. This will be an informal Q&A session that will provide background on the structure of our fellowship program, our mission and vision, and the overall fellowship experience to serve as the Baltimore model for new initiatives.

Advocating for Yourself and Visual Arts in your Community

Presenter: Dr. Patricia (Pat) Dingle

Time: 60 minutes

In this session, you will gain examples of practical ways and strategies to advocate for your visual arts program and students in your school community, gain practical ways and strategies to advocate for yourself in the workplace, and become familiar with resources and timelines for advocating for yourself, through local, state, and federal agencies. Session goals will be achieved by listening to a two-part presentation, viewing video clips, photographs, and documents. The session concludes with questions posed by audience members. After this session, you will be able to advocate for yourself in the workplace and Visual Arts more effectively.

Fundamentals of Audio Description

Presenter: Joel Snyder, PhD

Time: 90 minutes

Audio Description makes visual images accessible for people who are blind or have low vision. Using words that are succinct, vivid, and imaginative, media describers convey the visual image from television and film that is not fully accessible to a significant segment of the population (more than 21 million Americans experience significant vision loss – American Foundation for the Blind, 2008). This session will provide an overview of the “Fundamentals of Audio Description” (developed by Dr. Snyder) and access awareness, particularly with respect to people who are blind or have low vision.

Expanding the Resources for Black and Brown Artists Post-Uprising

Presenter: Artpartheid

Time: 90 minutes

Artpartheid will present a history of the organization, and how it’s been impacted by the Baltimore Uprising, with a focus on the growth of cultural organizing, and youth programming for the arts.

Leading a Strategic Planning Process

Presenters: Jonathan Katz & Ken Skrzesz

Time: 90 minutes

Participants will engage in an overview of strategic planning goals and principles, sharing experiences, lessons learned, and advice. Jonathan Katz, former CEO of the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) and MSAC Executive Director Ken Skrzesz will present concepts, examples and useful “habits of mind” to stimulate discussion. Participants are encouraged to offer ideas and questions about their own organizations’ plans and challenges. Conversation can be expected to cover such topics as criteria for evaluating organizational effectiveness, the critical “plan to plan” process, and what makes planning “strategic.”

Lessons from a Poet

Presenter: Seema Reza

Time: 90 minutes

A 15‐20 minute poetry reading by poet Seema Reza from her new collection, A Constellation of Half‐Lives, followed by a talk about lessons learned in a decade of teaching poetry to adults and children ranging from elementary school students to incarcerated men, service members and veterans, and healthcare providers. The talk will focus on the importance of an active personal creative practice for teaching artists for both sustainability in the field/personally processing difficult subject matter that might arise and the use of poetry and artmaking as a tool to discover one’s biases and limitations to make us better, more connected teachers. The session will conclude with a few generative writing prompts and an opportunity for participants to share their writing.

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

Presenter: Ping Shen

Time: 60 minutes

The session guides audience to explore Chinese Brush Painting (CBP) from new viewpoints. A brief history of CBP, useful tips to understand CBP, painting equipment/tools, specific steps to paint, a live demonstration of painting, special mounting and frame will be introduced. In addition, an interactive part will offer audience to experience a series of art tools as well as brush painting process. Audience can also look at original paintings. Some contemporary CBP works will be presented to open eyes of audience.

Marketing Insights

Presenter: Cassandra Miller, Suzy Kopf, Amelia Rambissoon 

Time: 90 minutes

Join a panel of Marketing and PR experts as they discuss strategies, concepts and best practices that will help guide your artistic practice!

12:30-1:30PM Lunch / Individual Artist Award

Location: University Center

Musical Performance by Bumper Jackson

Maryland’s Individual Artist Awards (IAAs) recognize the outstanding artistic achievements of artists from across the state, showcasing artists’ importance to the cultural fabric of Maryland, supporting their creative potential, and strengthening their impact on the local level. The 2019 IAA ceremony will honor 105 of Maryland’s leading authors, visual artists, theater performers, and digital/electronic and media artists. The event will include special guests, artist presentations, food, and live music.