Maryland Arts Summit- Virtual Offerings


Thank you for registering for the virtual offerings at the Maryland Arts Summit. On this page, you will find the links below for Thursday, June 20 and Friday, June 21.

For anyone needing closed captioning, please click on the “closed captioning” icon in your Zoom meeting menu.

Feel free to post in the chat any questions you may have. There will be someone monitoring the chat to share your thoughts and questions with the presenters and those attending the virtual sessions.

If you have any questions, please email

We appreciate you taking part in the Summit virtually this year!

Zoom Links

Zoom Links

Click the dates below to access the Zoom meeting links for the Virtual Sessions. We appreciate all of you joining us virtually. Remember to:

  • engage with the presenters and each other: ask questions
  • be respectful when sharing your thoughts and responding to others

Someone will be monitoring the Zoom rooms to help make sure your input is heard.

Thursday, June 20 click HERE

Friday, June 21 click HERE

Descriptions of Virtual Sessions

The complete schedule for virtual offerings will be updated below shortly.