Supporting The Arts

How YOU can support the arts

Attend Maryland Arts Day

Maryland Arts Day is the largest annual gathering of arts professionals in Maryland. With more than 500 participants, representing every county in the state, this state-wide arts advocacy event connects artists, educators, administrators, volunteers and trustees with lawmakers from every legislative district in Maryland. Maryland Arts Day needs your participation to show strong support for the arts in Maryland and the impact they have on the economic and cultural vitality of the state.

Organize Your Community

Join and support MCA!  Joining MCA is the best way to stay informed about Maryland Arts issues, and to know when and how to Take Action to support the Arts.

  • Write, phone, or e-mail the Governor and your representatives in the General Assembly and ask them to support public arts funding. Find your representative here
  • Ask your local officials (mayors, city/council members) to write a letter to their county delegation in support of public arts funding and the importance of retaining the state commitment.
  • Get involved in local politics and educate political candidates about arts issues before they take office.
  • Welcome new state and local officials to office after an election and offer assistance on questions about arts issues.
  • Work to cultivate spokespersons for the arts in your community, and ask them to carry the message to local and state elected officials.
  • Work with the media in your community. Write a letter to the editor or place op-ends, arrange editorial board meetings with newspapers, ask your local TV and radio stations to announce arts events, or arrange to appear on a local TV or radio talk show to discuss public support for the arts.
  • Work with local arts organizations to establish a Government Affairs Committee to monitor issues affecting public arts funding.
  • Invite your elected officials to any arts events with which you are connected and ask them to participate. Be sure to turn any event like this into a press opportunity.
  • Recognize your elected officials for their support of the arts whenever possible.


Do Something EVERY Month

September: Sign up and become an e-advocate! This ensures that you will receive important updates and briefings.

October: Attend MCA’s Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 Summit and ArtsLAB

November: Attend some of your favorite Maryland arts events! Attending events is great advocacy—Tweet, post, and share your favorite arts moments and tag your local representative.  

December: Now is a good time to reacquaint yourself with your legislators. Send out a holiday greeting to them and THANK THEM for their support for the arts in Maryland. If you’re new to advocacy, or just need a refresher, join us for an Advocacy 101 webinar. 

January: Register for Maryland Arts Day  and sign up for MCA’s Pre-Legislative Briefing webinar.

February: Attend Maryland Arts Day and tell your legislator why the arts matter in your community!

March: Attend budget committee hearings in Annapolis and National Arts Advocacy Day in DC.

April: SINE DIE! It’s the official end to the Maryland General Assembly Session – make sure to send letters of thanks to your legislators once Session has finished.

May/June/July/August: Ask the candidates in your district if they support the arts. If they do, volunteer for their campaign. If they don’t, re-inform them on the importance of the arts in your district.